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EQ Setting

 投稿者:管理人ぴい  投稿日:2003年 2月 5日(水)23時06分15秒
<MXR 6 Band EQ>
I have one picture of Eddies effect board on stage when he came to Japan in
June 1978.
You can see MXR 6 Band EQ setting clearly by this photo.
This photo is in "Young Guitar" Sep.1978.

<BOSS GE-10>
I have 3 photos which show BOSS GE-10.
2 photos were taken at the back stage when he came to Japan in June 1978.
You can also see BOSS GE-10's setting after EP-3.
GE-10 of the one photo seems to be not connected as I wrote on my web.
I don't know these two photos were taken on the same day or not.
The 3rd photo (the attached) is of live at Oakland Stadium on 23 July 1978.
Quite confusingly the setting of GE-10 of these 3 photos are different from
each other.
I have another photo of this live. Which shows a strange cable from/to the
effect board and this makes me more confused.

I don't have a scanner at home so can't send you pictures now .
But I will scan/enlarge the three or four or more photos at my office and
send you personally within a few days by e-mail.
Due to being careful of not offending copywrites or intellectual properties
I don't use photos directly from Japanese guitar magazines on my website
pls understand.

epi .

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